Saturday, November 30, 2013

tree shopping.

today we made the trip out to the tree farm to pick out the christmas tree for the year. it's one of my favorite traditions. this year was a little odd with no snow, but we also we able to get a full view of our perfect tree.

it was a wonderful day.

full hearts & bellies.

happy thanksgiving! (better late than never right?!)

i hope all of you had a wonderful day with loved ones. it is so nice to be back home. it always reminds me of how much i actually miss being here.

here's my list of what i'm thankful for in simplest terms:

1) God

2) family & friends (especially the friends that are family)

3) my puppies

4) laughter

5) ice cream & curly fries

6) i love college

7) the holiday season is around the corner

8) grey's anatomy

9) my health

10) my wonderful mess of a life!

^^love my puppies even though they don't really know how to pose for the camera.^^ 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

tis' the season.

welcome back cold season! can't say i've missed you. as you can imagine, living in close quarters in the dorms doesn't really help my situation. i feel like getting the sick germs is inevitable. i've been trying to get rid of this nasty thing for the past week, no luck.

don't think i've drank more hot chocolate or nyquil in my life. this is also the first time in my life i've had to figure out what medications to take without my mom. times have changed, folks!

here's to a better week!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

my favorite fall looks.

now that winter is on its way, i thought i'd share with you some of my favorite looks from fall. as you know, fall is all about layering & i took full advantage. i've always loved the preppy look of layers. i also live & breathe in my three dollar thrifted cozy sweaters. 

as the leaves changed, i did too. my first fall at college was nothing short of amazing. as always, there were some bumps in the road. but i am so blessed that i have already made life long friends here. &, for having a roommate who voluntarily takes my outfit of the day pictures without complaining.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

hello, november!

i know we're only a couple days into it, but november is already proving it's going to be great!

we got our first snowfall last night & i was oozing with excitement! so glad i got a chance to play outside a little with my girls.

 these are my favorite kinds of study breaks.


hey, folks! hope you all had a very happy & spooky halloween! i love celebrating halloween, & this year i got to dress up twice! the best part was, i already had most of my costumes in my closet!

i know i'm a little late, but here are some of my favorite snaps from this years festivities.

forrest and jenny gump. 

i love you, jennayyy.
the girls: an indian, genie, jenny gump, and minnie.

& the best costume of the year goes to napoleon dynamite! 
this was perfect!