Tuesday, October 29, 2013

life, currently.

the only thing that can get me through my all-nighters these days is writing little motivational messages on my coffee.

papers on papers. exams on exams. sometimes i wonder if all of this is even humanly possible. college, i love you. but you really know how to take the energy right out of a girl.

new favorite thing.

hats are my newest obsession for fall. especially great when i roll out of bed twenty minutes before class starts. even better, scored this one on clearance at target for ten bucks. swoon. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

box hair dye virgin.

at the end of june i decided on a whim that i needed a change. in hindsight, i think my heartbreak a couple months prior had a little something to do with this. i have never been too adventerous with my hair. the riskiest thing i had ever done was put a couple layers into it. better safe than sorry was my motto.

i marched myself to the salon that day, & said as-a-matter-a-factly, "CHANGE IT!" with a little mixing of the colors, i went from sandy blonde to full out chocolate brunette. i loved it. it was empowering!

fast forward four months later. this is when the "you're going to have to keep up with it" that i kept hearing after i dyed it, couldn't have rung more true. my roots were an embarrassing shade of gray & my rich chocolate color was looking a little depressing. & being the broke college student i am, the box dye route it had to be. a trip to walmart, and eight dollars ( what?!) later i was ready to go. i asked haley, one of my closest friends on my floor for help. she had died her hair many times out of a box, so i figured i'd be in good hands. as the dye is half way in my hair, haley exclaims "you know i've never done this on anyone else before." ohhhh lord, i was freaking. i probably said "make sure you get it all" about thirty times. but in the end it turned out great.

moral of the story: change is good. trust your friends. & hair dye out of the box is a breeze.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

fall time is the best time.

hometown apple orchards win, hands down 

mom's chili does too

oh, fall. why do you only come once a year? & leave as quickly as you go?

all my favorite things happen during this season. we've got colorful leaves, caramel apples (which why do these only exist in september? i could go for january, february, march, april, may... you get the point), hunter boots, layering, football & pumpkins.. the list goes on and on.

this is the first year i haven't been home for this season & i miss it terribly. i live very close to the apple orchards & we make multiple trips each year. so glad i made the the trip when i was home a couple of weeks ago. i came back to the dorms with apples, apple butter, and apple crisp! yum, yum, yum. also, mom made me chili & i could have eaten it by the gallons. i miss homemade cooking, too.

& now i'm off to go enjoy the last weeks of the best time of the year.

this is fun.

not many people get done with class one day & say, "hey i'm going to start a blog today." but, why not? i've been thinking about starting a blog for a very long time & today i jumped in feet first & went for it!

i'm starting this blog for me, as an outlet to write out my thoughts & remember days that happen in my life. i can't wait to share little pieces of my world, & hopefully start some pretty great connections with ya'll out in the blogging world!

this feels pretty darn good.

oh. i'm lauren. nice to meet you!