Friday, October 25, 2013

box hair dye virgin.

at the end of june i decided on a whim that i needed a change. in hindsight, i think my heartbreak a couple months prior had a little something to do with this. i have never been too adventerous with my hair. the riskiest thing i had ever done was put a couple layers into it. better safe than sorry was my motto.

i marched myself to the salon that day, & said as-a-matter-a-factly, "CHANGE IT!" with a little mixing of the colors, i went from sandy blonde to full out chocolate brunette. i loved it. it was empowering!

fast forward four months later. this is when the "you're going to have to keep up with it" that i kept hearing after i dyed it, couldn't have rung more true. my roots were an embarrassing shade of gray & my rich chocolate color was looking a little depressing. & being the broke college student i am, the box dye route it had to be. a trip to walmart, and eight dollars ( what?!) later i was ready to go. i asked haley, one of my closest friends on my floor for help. she had died her hair many times out of a box, so i figured i'd be in good hands. as the dye is half way in my hair, haley exclaims "you know i've never done this on anyone else before." ohhhh lord, i was freaking. i probably said "make sure you get it all" about thirty times. but in the end it turned out great.

moral of the story: change is good. trust your friends. & hair dye out of the box is a breeze.