Friday, May 23, 2014

my top ten.

in case any of you were wondering, (which i know you weren't) here's a list of the top ten things i think you should know about me (in no particular order) 

1: i'm the worst morning person to ever walk the planet. i would stay in bed every day until 11:30 cuddling with my puppies if i could. when i was in high school, waking up before 10 was an absolute no-no. now that i've grown up a little, 9 am's aren't as dreadful (still aren't preferred, though).

2: one of my biggest dreams is to hold a monkey. one of those cute cuddly ones that seem like the worlds best nap partner. i will accomplish this before i die.

3: i'm an over analyzer & thinker. i often scare myself from doing things from thinking about the worst possible outcomes that could happen from them. working on living in the moment, currently.

4: i'm cheating on my polka dots with stripes. i bite my lip as i write this because i never thought this day would come. but as i look at my recent purchases, 8/10 of them were stripes. oops. i will always love a good polka dot, though.

5: when i find a new song i like, i listen to it on repeat for days until i know the words front to back. right now it's "where does the good go" by tegan & sara.

6: curly fries are my weakness. if only a curly fry a day could keep the doctor away.

7: i'm a thrifter & bargain hunter. my savers & goodwill runs often turn into day long trips. i can't seem leave without flipping through every single object in the store! you never know where the perfect find is hiding!

8: you will never see me without my nails painted.

9: my mind wanders heavily. i think this it's the pisces in me. i often imagine these huge dramatic scenarios that could happen to me. day dreaming should be my second job.

10: mannequins, clowns, & mascots really creep me out. i will avoid them like the plague. 

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