Sunday, May 18, 2014

sunday funday.

sundays in the summer are my favorite day of the week. i love how life slows down a little bit on a sunday afternoon & i don't have hours of homework to sit down & tackle. this means the only thing i have to do is spend as much time outside enjoying the sun. (if we're lucky enough to get some sun.) i wish it was this warm all year. the sun does magic things to my mood, ya'll.

a little part of today's afternoon was spent on the lake with the fam. it was a little more cloudy & windy than expected so the boat ride was cut a bit short. we still got a little taste of the lake though & i can't wait to spend hours out here this summer getting my tan on!

^^ the rest of day was spent on the deck painting my nails & catching up on some very 
important reading ^^ 

here's to sunny sundays for the rest of summer! have a great week!

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