Sunday, September 27, 2015

a fall afternoon.

today was straight out of a tumblr page. swinging under a tree & feeling the breeze across my face was the perfect way to recharge. my tank is full. 

xoxo. lauren. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

five ways to get the most out of your 20's.

(try to) enjoy every moment. 

let's face it. being in your twenties is not a glamorous job. thanks for the unrealistic expectations, carrie bradshaw. it's easy to get lost in our typical routines of class, minimum wage jobs, sweatpants & ramen noodles. our days start to blend together & we become blind joys that surround us on a daily basis. no matter what you're doing, try to find the bliss in everything you do. you'll feel so much more peace.

 make time for you. 

finding & creating yourself tend to be the reoccurring themes of your twenties. apparently, it should be on all of our agendas. however, it can't take place unless you consciously give yourself the time to do so. this introspective time has allowed me to know whether to change directions, switch paths, open doors, or close them. you have to find what works for you. take time to be selfish, find your niche & buy yourself some damn flowers.

be kind to everyone you meet. 

being the mean, popular girl won't get you far anymore. it won't get you a job. it won't get you friends. it won't get you a good reputation. being kind can open up so many opportunities for yourself. word travels around fast when people know you as the "nice-girl." leave each person you encounter better than when you found them, no matter how shitty you feel. it's a win-win.

 learn to love your imperfections. 

being twenty today in a society driven by social media & waves of comparison, this one can be tough. one day you'll wake up & those american eagle skinny jeans from high school may not fit just as they did at a friday night football game four years ago. but, the best part? that's okay. the world won't stop spinning if you've gained five pounds, have pimples on your face or hair that doesn't curl. it's what make you, you. each change that comes your way is molding you into the woman rockstar that you were born to be.

realize you don't have to have all the answers. 

because honestly, who does? you need to fall down & make mistakes in order for you to discover what works for you. we wouldn't figure out how to "do life" any other way. the best thing about this time in your life (or any age) is the learning process you undergo on a daily basis. there are always hidden opportunities behind every failure. get excited about the mistakes you'll make & the lessons you'll learn along the way.

xoxo. lauren. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

casual drama.

 / chambray  / vest / skinnies / booties: similar  / scarf / hat: similar /

ya'll know that my favorite shirt is the chambray. i honestly can't get enough & i'm surprised i haven't purchased about ten more. i added the scarf & the hat to give this everyday look a little more "umph." (i'm making up words as i go.) i'm so glad i purchased these black ankle booties, as well. i was on the fence about them for the longest time, but i'm so glad i caved in! they go with everything & have been on major repeat. as much as i love layering in the fall & winter, i think i'm ready for spring to permanently make it's debut. 

xoxo. lauren. 

cutting the fat.

as i reach farther into my adult life, i am realizing that "cutting the fat" should serve as your yearly check-up at the doctors office. a chance to take a step back & revaluate the "fat" you have allowed to hang around your life for the past year. but, like your yearly checkup at the doctors office, it often starts to become a mundane task. one that we keep pushing into the back junk drawer of our lives because we don't want to deal with it anymore. 

by "cutting the fat" i'm referring to cutting out the negative things & people that are hanging around your life no longer serving a beneficial purpose to you. the end of every season is always a introspective time for me. this summer, i've had more time to do so than most. college life comes & goes like seasons (fergie quote was 100% necessary). the past two years of my life have proved that. i moved to another state, started a new job, decided on my major, changed my major, & changed my major once more. but, perhaps the biggest change has been the new people i have surrounded myself with, & the people that i have chosen to "cut" out of my life.

the latter is the hardest change to undergo. i feel as if at times we let toxic people hang around way longer than their welcomed stay because they have become an easy & comfortable routine for us. i have "cut the fat" of many things in my life in the last couple months. i moved apartments, so i "cut" out boxes of junk & clothes that were collecting dust in my room. i "cut" out a good friend who didn't view our friendship with the same level of severity as i did. (that one still stings.) however, one of the biggest "cuts" was made after i allowed someone toxic to creep back into my life for the second time because this time he proclaimed he was "changed" & "different." & that he couldn't believe he was "dumb enough" to the make some of the mistakes he had made in the past.

you can scream the words "i've changed" at the top of your lungs from a mountain top all you want. but the cold hard truth, (capital-t) about change is this; "change isn't change until something changes." this truth hit me square in the face after, i, myself, was left feeling confused & hurt for a second time. in reality he hadn't changed one bit. he was the exact same person i met almost a year ago.

you have to shut the door. no matter how hard it is, you have to "cut the fat."

& of course just as i was back to my normal self, no longer affected by his toxicity, he found his way to creep in my life again. but this time i knew better. his "i'm sorry" & "regrets" no longer held any weight with me. this time i hit the delete button. i chose to put myself first.

"cutting the fat" is just that. putting yourself first. its a necessary & sometimes mundane task, like your check-up at the doctors office. however, you deserve to be your best self, free of any "fat" that has found its way into your life.

xoxo. lauren. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

floral party dress.

similar: dress / heels / clutch

its the last week of summer, & i found it fitting to share the most perfect dress i wore for all of my summer festivities. i love the modern-retro take on this floral pattern. i think the 50's & i would've gotten along quite well. there's officially less than a week of summer left before i start my junior year of college. this summer went by faster than most, which seems to be a trend as years pass. however, it served as a nice break from my usual hectic schedule. now, time to enjoy the last couple days with no to-do list as much as i can!

xoxo. lauren. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

floral kimono.

similar: kimono  / tank / shorts / sandals / 

i wasn't too sure on the kimono trend that has been making it's way all over pinterest & instagram, but as soon as i tried this one on, a girl couldn't hate. this lightweight cover up was a match made in heaven  for summer. this floral pattern pairs well with almost half of my closet & the added fringe detail gives the perfect amount of flair. i have been on the lookout to add another in my life & from what i've seen, no two kimonos are alike! they come in various colors, styles, & lengths. the kimono will have you looking fabulous no matter where your location. 

xoxo. lauren. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

swing dress.

similar : dress / wedges / hat / necklace 

just keep swinging, swinging… to say this dress has saved the day more than once would be an understatement. the swing dress is a must-have summer closet staple. it's comfortability & versatility have made it a frequent flyer in my wardrobe. any dress than can transform from morning groceries to evening dinner gets a thumbs up from me. 

xoxo. lauren. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

palm print romper.

similar: romper / wedges / clutch / bracelets  / 

whew! the end of july & i'm only on my first summer outfit post. i am going to consider this a win considering time has gotten away from me twice as fast this year. since i've last caught up with you guys… 

- i finished not one, but two summer classes. 
- planned & participated the extra curricular events for my sister's wedding. shower, bachelorette, etc. weddings are too good. 
- watched my sister get married on the most beautiful day! this post coming soon! seriously, you guys it was to incredible for words. 
- worked, working, work
- currently in the process of packing up & moving into a new apartment. stress level is low, but man moving 3 times in the last two years is enough for me. 

this romper & print were an unexpected pick for me, but i'm obsessed! you can't get more summer than tropical prints! i've noticed palm prints pop up in unexpected places this season & i hope they stick around next year, too. i paired mine with black wedges & a clutch. perfect for a dressed up casual night out. 

xoxo. lauren. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4 from the 4th.

my favorite weekend of the year has came & went. to me, nothing beats the 4th of july. friends, food, & fireworks. i spent the majority of the weekend indoors working. however, i was still able to enjoy not one, but two firework shows! one which was the best one of my life. so close & so sparkly. bring on the rest of summer! 

xoxo. lauren.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

recipe for adulthood.

one of my goals for this year was to get my feet wet in the kitchen. i'm happy to report that my efforts have been pretty successful thus far. of course, i've hit a few bumps in the road. for example, my italian meatballs ended up being more like italian mush. (never underestimate the power of bread crumbs.) i've also spent an obnoxious amount of time wandering around grocery stores trying to find specific ingredients off my recipes. i think i have every grocery store in this town memorized by now. i've found a majority of my recipes on pinterest. its mind boggling to think of how people lived without that gold mine of inspiration.

here are some pics from the first three attempts: 

i'm realizing there's a lot more to being an adult than learning how to cook, but here's what i've learned about life from my short time in the kitchen thus far: 

1) changes start to happen in your life when your get shit done
2) know your weakness & play on your strengths 
3) you can decide which rules (& recipes) you break, just be prepared for the consequences 
4) you stop overfilling the trash can when you have to start emptying it. 

if you have any favorite recipes, please feel free to send them my way! 

xoxo, lauren

Monday, May 18, 2015

i like my clothes, like i like my coffee.

look what i found! an old post from a couple months ago, that in the mess of school & life i forgot to post. better late than never, right? this dress was one of my favorites this winter season because of its versatility. i've transitioned it into spring, too. its light & stretchy fabric works well for all seasons. i've quickly realized that filling your closet with staples items, rather than random pieces is the best & easiest way to expand your wardrobe!

xoxo. lauren.