Tuesday, July 12, 2016

a day at the winery.

if this is what adulating is about, then sign me up! 

if you look up the definition of a perfect day, it would look a lot similar to these photos. i do believe that one of the most important aspects to living your best life is all about the energy, vibes & people you surround yourself with. the circle i surround myself continues to help me bloom into something fierce, & days like this help us shine so bright. 

i ran across this quote the other day, & i couldn't find a better way to describe this season of my life...

"...right now, in this present moment, in the midst of your grief, your pain, your anger, your loneliness, your frustration, your self-hatred, your feelings that feel so much bigger than you- you are ok.

this is the place where gratitude begins, where greatness begins, where our true power is found.

right here. right where we are. 

being with ourselves & allowing what is to just be. 

you are ok. you are ok. you are ok."

i hope you know wherever you are, you are ok, too. 

xoxo, lauren. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

life update at 21-years-old.

hello, long time no see! 

one day a couple weeks ago, i found myself walking to campus to work on a project i had procrastinated on at around 9 pm, almost 3 hours behind the schedule i had given for myself. my #ootd was nothing less than shameful. pajamas. no bra. the only effort i exerted upon leaving the house was making sure i had provided myself with copious amounts of caffeine.

as i looked down at my ensemble, i giggled at the thought of how appalled high-school-lauren would have been with myself. hell, even a year ago i would've cringed at the idea of going in public in anything less than real pants & a couple of dabs of mascara. 

however, lately braless ensambles have been me with my shit together. 

i don't know if i can even write about life at 21-years-old, can i? after-all, how much does a 21- year-old actually know about life? i haven't even entered in what the rest of society identifies with as the "real world," (quite frankly, i'm not on any path to rush my entrance anytime soon.) 

however, here's what i have figured out... 

they aren't joking when they say that college is "the best four years" of your life. 

 i am a completely different person than the one who pulled up to this campus on that steaming august day three years ago, with one too many pairs of heels that i would never wear. 
looking back on my years here thus far, my memory is a blur (alcohol may be a factor). the time i've spent here has flown by, but i wouldn't have it any other way. i've learned more about myself in these past three years than i could've even imagined. some good, some bad, & some equally as ugly. however, the friends & lessons that i have gained here will last with me forever. i'm headed into my final year with a full heart (& mind).

bras are optional. 

i won't go as to far as to say that i have let myself go, but i do push the snooze button a couple more times in the morning. sleep is now much more important than assembling an outfit together. at this point in my life, i can't even imagine taking the time out of my night to outfit plan on a daily basis like i used to. however this makes "putting on my face" a special occasion, as i appreciate what a couple more dabs of mascara & a good red lip can do for a gal. i joke to my friends that "i only look pretty on the weekends now." oh well. accepting that we all can't be beyoncĂ© is a hill i've successfully conquered. 

FOMO is a real bitch. 

i don't get along with FOMO. there is nothing worse than missing out on time spent with your friends  due to other obligations, such as work or school. & if you're lucky, maybe even both (cue, sarcasm!). i am the worst when it comes to turning my friends down when they ask me to join them, because 9 times out of 10 they are usually about to embark on something way more appealing than the activity i was doing. prioritizing has never been on my list of personality strengths. i have to remember to give myself a little big nudge & whisper: "the world won't stop spinning if you sit this one out." sometimes it's good to slow down & let yourself breathe. especially if you have an exam creeping around the corner faster than anyone would like to admit. 

thank your parents. 

if you're anything like me, the college experience wouldn't even be possible without your parents. between helping me fund my college education & my weekly wal-mart runs, they have truly been the ones to make this life possible for me. as cheesy as it is, i truly don't thank them enough. while we don't necessarily always see eye-to-eye, i am old enough to realize they only want me to succeed. even if that includes spending more time at the library than at happy hour. 

whoa, that was a lot. this post wasn't supposed to have its shit together, just like my current state of being. however, it has allowed me to reflect on where i'm at & more importantly where i'd like to be. these writing sessions are so good for my soul. need to remember to do them more often. 

bra or no bra, we have no choice but to kill it. 

xoxo. lauren.