Tuesday, July 12, 2016

a day at the winery.

if this is what adulating is about, then sign me up! 

if you look up the definition of a perfect day, it would look a lot similar to these photos. i do believe that one of the most important aspects to living your best life is all about the energy, vibes & people you surround yourself with. the circle i surround myself continues to help me bloom into something fierce, & days like this help us shine so bright. 

i ran across this quote the other day, & i couldn't find a better way to describe this season of my life...

"...right now, in this present moment, in the midst of your grief, your pain, your anger, your loneliness, your frustration, your self-hatred, your feelings that feel so much bigger than you- you are ok.

this is the place where gratitude begins, where greatness begins, where our true power is found.

right here. right where we are. 

being with ourselves & allowing what is to just be. 

you are ok. you are ok. you are ok."

i hope you know wherever you are, you are ok, too. 

xoxo, lauren.