Tuesday, January 13, 2015

winter uniform.

similar styles / sweater / jeans / boots  / hat /

it's hard to believe these pictures were taken at the end of december & we had 40 degree weather accompanied by no snow. writing this now, the wind chill is below zero & there's plenty of white stuff to go around. sometimes, it's not easy looking cute without freezing your tail off this time of year. there's nothing wrong with keeping your sweaters on replay. i love this fair isle hat & sweater combo. not having to do your hair? helloooo, sign me up. stay warm, lovelies. 

xoxo. lauren. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

buffalo check.

similar styles: / flannel / striped shirt / leggings / ankle booties /

buffalo check is one of my favorite patterns that gets us through fall & winter.  it's probably the midwest  in me that considers it a tribute to paul bunyan. except cuter. flannels are a straight up gift from above during this balmy season. i love the boyfriend style that fits a tad bigger & more relaxed (a must after the holiday season). also, don't be afraid of a little pattern mixing! i love the striped tee that peeks out of this one. keeping my looks simple & relaxed as well because classes start back up in a day! eeeeek! 

xoxo. lauren. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

all black erry'thing.

/cape: similar / long sleeve / leggings  / ankle booties: similar

okay, okay, okay, i'll admit it. i'm very late to the neutral game. however, black has been the name of my game lately & i don't intend on quitting anytime soon. i love the simplicity of this look. a cape is a closet staple this season. i've worn mine to class, work, & to the grocery store. i paired mine with some ankle booties to dress it up, but you could also pair yours with your favorite riding boots! & the best part? the cape will be on repeat this week keeping me warm against the subzero temperatures only the midwest can offer.

xoxo. lauren.

Friday, January 2, 2015

two thousand fifteen goals.

2014 was the year of the horse according to the chinese zodiac calendar & i'm certainly not going to argue with them. it moved swiftly & i'll admit at times i had a hard time keeping up. many areas of my life changed & this year hit me with just as many lessons. i'm grateful for every second of it.

i've decided i need to put my focus on these areas this year:

plan to plan.

i've never had a problem getting my list of to-do's done. in great timing, though? not so much. my goal is to up my planning skills in the upcoming year. i won't have that much free time to spare in between work & school. the spare time i do have, i want to be spent doing the things i enjoy. (friends, blogging, etc.) i need to put myself on a stricter schedule & hold myself accountable for the deadlines i am given or that i give myself.

look ahead.

i have written about struggling with enjoying the moment & living in the present before. this year i want to make a conscious effort about putting my energy in the present & not wasting it worrying about the past. it's hard to forget about the should'ves, could'ves, would'ves that cloud our minds on a daily basis.  i need to understand that everything that happens in my life will ultimaetly lead me to the place i need to be. i have to remember that the ships of the past have sailed & the only thing i can do is wave goodbye from the dock.

take care.

taking care of your physical & emotional self takes a lot of work. sometimes this can take a backseat with the hustle & bustle of life. i want to make healthier decisions for myself. i want to make dates with the gym a permanent part of my weekly schedule. i want to learn how to cook actual meals for myself & really focus on getting in my fruits & veggies. my car recently got some sort of the flu, (i don't speak car) & i realized i'm not financially prepared for these kinds of unexpected moments. i want to better budget my money & ask myself, do i want it, need it, or gotta have it. i also want to grow in my faith & have that be the number one force that drives my life.

be present. 

i've noticed i get caught up in the world on the internet way too often & i miss the one that is right in front of me. social media has taken an embarrassing priority in my life & i'm not pleased about it. i want to say yes more to social hangouts with friends. i want to silence my phone & truly enjoy the moments i share with people who mean the most to me.

2014 left us as quickly as it came. it had some really great moments with some really bad moments in-between. i think that's what we can expect from every year, though. i love the clean slate that a new year can bring. i'm excited to see where this year will take me.

xoxo. lauren.