Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ketchup round two.

i haven't been here in over two months. i'm not happy about this either. i think i haven't felt like there has been anything worth blogging about in my life recently. i am still plugging away at school, this semester i took less credits but still seem to have just as much work. i am napping a lot more lately which i haven't figured out if this does more harm than good. i am trying to push through today without hitting my pillow. we will see how that actually turns out.

life actually is flying by. it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that freshman year is almost over. five weeks left, folks! where did the year go?! i really don't want to think about the end yet. i'm not ready to leave this campus, my friends, & my cute little room yet. i'm very surprised i am not sick of this small space. i am usually one who likes my time alone. i think having a closet & dresser that fits all my clothes has something to do with this. don't get me wrong, i am so ready for summer. it will be a much needed break. i hope i will be able to get through my list of things i want to do. thinking about the sunshine, ice cream, and shorts is helping me push through, though.

spring break has already came & went. i spent the week at home with my family & puppies. it was kind of a bummer that most of my friends didn't have their spring break until the week after mine, but it was so nice to be at home & in my own bed. i recently just got hired at old navy, too! i am so happy because this is my dream job. sadly, yes this is true. if anyone knows me they know i'm obsessed with old navy, i pray that i will not blow my whole entire paycheck there either. god, give me the strength! 

i'm also very happy to say that my weather report has been nothing but sunny skies the last couple of weeks! i am finally at a place in my life where i have wanted to be for a long time! 

spring is here, summer is around the corner, life is very good!