Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter weekend.

i hope you all felt the easter spirit alive in yourself & the world around you this weekend!

this year's easter officially marked my first holiday away from home. & to be honest i felt more sad about it than i thought i would. i got scheduled to work this weekend & on easter sunday. why old navy needed to be open on easter sunday is beyond me but looking at the positives in life money is well needed for this broke college student!

i made the most of my weekend alone, though. all of my friends & my floor went home for the weekend so it was literally me, myself, & i. i enjoyed the peace considering i had time to tackle homework & have a few solo dance parties in my room.

on friday i went to good friday mass. every year it is such an overwhelming feeling to wrap my head around the fact that jesus died for my sins! it reminds me of how underserving i am of this. i worked later on in the day & then spent the night watching the movie labor day. i love kate winslet! saturday was spent in the library on campus trying to plug out as much homework as i could. it always seems like the to-do list gets longer & longer every time i look at it. my evening though was what i love to do most: shopping by myself. i had a gift card left over from my birthday from my very best friend for target. so, i filled up my cart with as many things as i could, only for the fun of trying things on! i walked away with a mini haul & felt energized from the time by myself. sunday was such a wonderful day! the lord was risen & there was such a beautiful service at church. i felt reborn & ready to walk better in my journey with christ. work went by fast too, so there was definitely no complaining!

i gave soda up for lent this year. i'm a sucker for a cold coca-cola & today i splurged & bought the good kind. going without soda for 40 days (okay, yes i had it once, i got stressed ya'll!) was a challenge, but i think the purpose of lent is to teach you that you don't always need what you think you do. i'm going to try to keep it healthy & stick to water, water, water from now on! soda is only for emergencies, new rule!

dressing room snaps.  the cutest little lace top. 
i dance when i'm excited, apparently.
 // if you confess with your mouth that jesus is the lord & believe in your heart that god raised him from the dead, you will be saved//romans 10:9//

may the joys of easter & the new spring season bring you peace, hope, & happiness. xoxo.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a whole new world.

update! i got glasses! finally! no more shaky screens & squinting eyes in lectures! and my eyes have finally adjusted, thank goodness! i think this is the first official sign that i'm getting old, too. i also think with the temps in the high 50s yesterday it's an even bigger sign of spring! my mood is always a little brighter this time of year. one of my many resolutions was to start finding happiness daily, even if it was in the littlest things. i will admit this has been a little bit of a struggle at times. it's much easier to look at the negatives than the positives. i believe being happy is a choice you have to make daily. today, nice weather & good vision has put an extra bounce in my step. can you blame me though? i hope it's not a minnesota tease & will be here to stay! here's to the rest of the week to being as great as the beginning!