Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a whole new world.

update! i got glasses! finally! no more shaky screens & squinting eyes in lectures! and my eyes have finally adjusted, thank goodness! i think this is the first official sign that i'm getting old, too. i also think with the temps in the high 50s yesterday it's an even bigger sign of spring! my mood is always a little brighter this time of year. one of my many resolutions was to start finding happiness daily, even if it was in the littlest things. i will admit this has been a little bit of a struggle at times. it's much easier to look at the negatives than the positives. i believe being happy is a choice you have to make daily. today, nice weather & good vision has put an extra bounce in my step. can you blame me though? i hope it's not a minnesota tease & will be here to stay! here's to the rest of the week to being as great as the beginning!

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