Saturday, July 25, 2015

palm print romper.

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whew! the end of july & i'm only on my first summer outfit post. i am going to consider this a win considering time has gotten away from me twice as fast this year. since i've last caught up with you guys… 

- i finished not one, but two summer classes. 
- planned & participated the extra curricular events for my sister's wedding. shower, bachelorette, etc. weddings are too good. 
- watched my sister get married on the most beautiful day! this post coming soon! seriously, you guys it was to incredible for words. 
- worked, working, work
- currently in the process of packing up & moving into a new apartment. stress level is low, but man moving 3 times in the last two years is enough for me. 

this romper & print were an unexpected pick for me, but i'm obsessed! you can't get more summer than tropical prints! i've noticed palm prints pop up in unexpected places this season & i hope they stick around next year, too. i paired mine with black wedges & a clutch. perfect for a dressed up casual night out. 

xoxo. lauren. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4 from the 4th.

my favorite weekend of the year has came & went. to me, nothing beats the 4th of july. friends, food, & fireworks. i spent the majority of the weekend indoors working. however, i was still able to enjoy not one, but two firework shows! one which was the best one of my life. so close & so sparkly. bring on the rest of summer! 

xoxo. lauren.