Friday, January 2, 2015

two thousand fifteen goals.

2014 was the year of the horse according to the chinese zodiac calendar & i'm certainly not going to argue with them. it moved swiftly & i'll admit at times i had a hard time keeping up. many areas of my life changed & this year hit me with just as many lessons. i'm grateful for every second of it.

i've decided i need to put my focus on these areas this year:

plan to plan.

i've never had a problem getting my list of to-do's done. in great timing, though? not so much. my goal is to up my planning skills in the upcoming year. i won't have that much free time to spare in between work & school. the spare time i do have, i want to be spent doing the things i enjoy. (friends, blogging, etc.) i need to put myself on a stricter schedule & hold myself accountable for the deadlines i am given or that i give myself.

look ahead.

i have written about struggling with enjoying the moment & living in the present before. this year i want to make a conscious effort about putting my energy in the present & not wasting it worrying about the past. it's hard to forget about the should'ves, could'ves, would'ves that cloud our minds on a daily basis.  i need to understand that everything that happens in my life will ultimaetly lead me to the place i need to be. i have to remember that the ships of the past have sailed & the only thing i can do is wave goodbye from the dock.

take care.

taking care of your physical & emotional self takes a lot of work. sometimes this can take a backseat with the hustle & bustle of life. i want to make healthier decisions for myself. i want to make dates with the gym a permanent part of my weekly schedule. i want to learn how to cook actual meals for myself & really focus on getting in my fruits & veggies. my car recently got some sort of the flu, (i don't speak car) & i realized i'm not financially prepared for these kinds of unexpected moments. i want to better budget my money & ask myself, do i want it, need it, or gotta have it. i also want to grow in my faith & have that be the number one force that drives my life.

be present. 

i've noticed i get caught up in the world on the internet way too often & i miss the one that is right in front of me. social media has taken an embarrassing priority in my life & i'm not pleased about it. i want to say yes more to social hangouts with friends. i want to silence my phone & truly enjoy the moments i share with people who mean the most to me.

2014 left us as quickly as it came. it had some really great moments with some really bad moments in-between. i think that's what we can expect from every year, though. i love the clean slate that a new year can bring. i'm excited to see where this year will take me.

xoxo. lauren.

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