Friday, May 9, 2014

freshman year equals finished.

wow. when they tell you college flies by they aren't kidding. freshman year is officially over. as i write this cuddled up on the couch in my basement at home for the summer, i can't help but wonder where the last eight months went. to be honest, i didn't want to leave. it was the bittersweet-est (is that a word?!) moment of my life. finishing my first year with good grades was such a sigh of relief. it's exciting to be one year closer to my dream job! so i'm happy that i have a three month off break from books, note-taking, & lecture attending. but, i'm definitely not happy leaving campus, my dorm room, & wonderful friends.

contrary to popular belief, i loved living in the dorms. it was like an eight month long summer camp. everyone was so close & it was impossible not to appreciate the endless outfit options. i got blessed with the comfiest futon thanks to the roomie, i'm going to miss those mid-afternoon naps after class. it's also kind of amazing how close you can get to know a stranger in eight months. i met the some of the best people i think i possibly could have. there are so many memories i won't forget & some i simply can't remember. (you know how that goes) i am however, so excited to be able to shower without flip flops & not having to climb down from bed every time i need to go to the bathroom (which is a lot).

 ^^ see you later, 305A ^^

                                      ^^ the last view from my room, ahhh-mazing ^^

i truly believe god only gives you what you need & this year was a true testament to that. one year away at college was exactly what i needed to put my mind & body in the right positive state of mind. it wasn't always happy-go-lucky, though. it was hard being on my own & making decisions without my parents for the first time. i learned soon enough that staying up until 3 am writing procrastinated papers is not a great decision. but, sometimes staying up until 3 am watching movies & laughing with friends can also be the best decision.

^^ some black & white bff selfie action. blessed beyond words to have meet someone
as wonderful as danni to spend my first year with. love her & her heart SO much ^^

it's so sad to say goodbye to freshman year. which was the best year of my life. but for now, let the summer of 2014 begin!

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