Wednesday, May 14, 2014

you scream i scream.

today was a very good day. the beginning of this summer is all about reuniting & these girls have always been a favorite of mine. no matter how long it has been since we've last seen each other, the conversation is never lacking & is impossible to tell how much time has past since i've last seen them. can't wait for summer with them! also can't wait for next semester when katie will be joining brea & i in mankato!

olson's is without a doubt in my top three favorite things about my hometown. homemade ice cream all year round, it really doesn't get better. it's so true that you don't realize a good thing until it is gone. the cravings for that delicious cotton candy confetti haunted me for eight months while i was in mankato. going to be consuming large amounts of that stuff this summer. with no shame, of course. if you're ever in the 715 area, you definitely need to make an olson's stop on your way through. 100% worth the trip! (& no, i'm not getting paid to say that)

                                                    ^^ aren't they cute ya'll? ^^

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