Thursday, October 24, 2013

fall time is the best time.

hometown apple orchards win, hands down 

mom's chili does too

oh, fall. why do you only come once a year? & leave as quickly as you go?

all my favorite things happen during this season. we've got colorful leaves, caramel apples (which why do these only exist in september? i could go for january, february, march, april, may... you get the point), hunter boots, layering, football & pumpkins.. the list goes on and on.

this is the first year i haven't been home for this season & i miss it terribly. i live very close to the apple orchards & we make multiple trips each year. so glad i made the the trip when i was home a couple of weeks ago. i came back to the dorms with apples, apple butter, and apple crisp! yum, yum, yum. also, mom made me chili & i could have eaten it by the gallons. i miss homemade cooking, too.

& now i'm off to go enjoy the last weeks of the best time of the year.

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