Tuesday, July 15, 2014

you can catch me at the lake.

a couple days last week were spent up at my friend's cabin in the middle of northern wisconsin. i'm a self proclaimed city girl. i love the hustle & bustle that comes along with them. but, deep down in my heart there will always be a spot for the country life that i think only wisconsin can offer.

 ^^ antique stores & candy stores will forever be in by top ten. ^^

we spent the days lounging by the lake & enjoying the sun. this has got to be my favorite summer activity. life seems to slow down a bit & you really do appreciate the little things that otherwise seem to go unnoticed (i.e: that slight breeze that keeps your face from melting off of your body.) 

we also ventured into town for a little bit & explored some of the cute boutiques. i could spend hours in shops like these. i stare at all of the little knick-knacs that are ridiculously over priced, but also have so much character that you can (almost) justify spending money on them. & i obviously stocked up on some salt water taffy. i won't lie & tell you i still have some left. because, hello! soooo good.

^^ a forever friend. ^^

so thankful for the gracious hospitality from her family. here's to hoping the cabin vibes stay with me for the rest of this summer season.
xoxo. lauren.

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