Sunday, August 24, 2014

flower child.

top: thrifted / skirt: (pac sun) / shoes: gap /

floral was my obsession this summer. i've always been drawn to the more softer & feminine looks. i scored this skirt on the clearance rack at pac sun earlier this summer. & let's be real, nothing is better than falling in love at the clearance rack. the light & breezy material made it the perfect skirt for one of my favorite times of the year.

this summer went by faster than the last. it doesn't look like life has intentions of slowing down anytime soon. i start my sophomore year of college tomorrow & i'm oddly enthusiastic about it. i've loved being back in town this last week reuniting with faces i grew to love last year. as cheesy as it is when they tell you, you really find your true friends while your away at college. i'm so anxious to see what adventures await us this year.  

xoxo. lauren. 

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