Wednesday, December 18, 2013


hi to all ya'll night owls! i always seem to write these in the wee hours of the morning!

do you ever have those days that are filled with so much joy & fun you can't even take it?! well, that was today!

for christmas this year kayla (my bestest friend in the whole world) & i decided to have a photoshoot as a present to each other! there's nothing more girls love than getting dressed up for fun! which is exactly what we did! kayla came over & curled my hair before because i lack in this department & we put on our matching red lips and dresses! my friend ali who took these pictures had the same dress i had & she was nice enough to let kayla borrow it. we were a little concerned how cheesy matching dresses would look, but they couldn't be cuter.

we went to the park to get our models on & boy was it cold! wisconsin sure doesn't joke around in the winter! walking in the snow in heels is hard enough as it is but add in numb feet & you've got yourself a real struggle. i'd say we at least managed to smile through the pain.

ali is still working her magic on these, so i'll only share a few for now! much more to come later! but this was such a fun day & we'll cherish these for a long time.

life is much better with a best friend.

 ^^ dancing, because what else do you do in the middle of the road? ^^ 

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