Wednesday, June 4, 2014

good eatin'

i'm an avid food eater & an even bigger food lover. my favorites include deep, deep, deep fried cheese curds & curly fries. actually, they don't even have to be curly. any fry will do. i just love fries, ya'll! anyway, today my friend ali & i went to this cute little restaurant downtown eau claire called "the livery." i had never been, but always heard nothing but good things. trying new restaurants & exploring new places is one of my favorite things to do. i love experiencing things for the first time.

                                             ^^ so much character. ^^ 

^^ such a beauty. ^^ 

^^ that's what i call fry & burger perfection. ^^ 

of course there was no way we could say no to these "carnival funnel fries." basically funnel cakes in fry form. as if fries couldn't get any better folks! fudge & caramel for dipping sauce really set me over the edge. these were gone in an embarrassing amount of time. but, soooo good. officially 100% better than funnel cakes from the fair. & officially my new favorite dig. 

& in other exciting news, ali is also an amazing photographer of many other trades & took some outfit pictures for me today! here's a little iphone sneak peak. can't wait to share some of my favorite summer styles with ya'll in the very near future! stay tuned. xoxo.

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