Monday, June 23, 2014

the start of many apartment diy's.

as move in day for my apartment is creeping up reeeeaaal quick (august 10th!!), my hands have been pinning as fast as they can be! sadly, i've only accomplished one diy on my list. i'm determined to make it at least ten more by the end of the summer. i love personalizing & giving your space your own touch. it makes living away from home easier to bare.

i love quote canvases so i made one with my favorite. "i'm thankful for my struggle because without it, i wouldn't of stumbled upon my strength." it's so truth telling & such a good reminder for when life doesn't seem to fair out just as we'd like it to. i hope whenever i see it hanging up in my new room it gives me encouragement to keep going.

i just used a white canvas & some black acrylic paint. i then wrote out my saying in pencil, as i'm not a very good free hander. i wouldn't recommend this because i had to adjust as i went, so there are now very faint pencil marks on my canvas. also, use a very thin brush to avoid thicker lines. with a steady hand & 20 minutes later i was finished!

this one is the easiest diy of them all! i can't wait to get my hands dirty & make more.
xoxo. lauren.

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