Thursday, June 12, 2014

treat yourself. treat others.

sometimes you need to take a break. i've been caught up in the craziness of working & running around a lot this summer (but don't worry, i still have found time to sneak in some lounge days, you have to) so yesterday my mother suggested i take a break & get a pedicure with my cute little grandma. of course i obliged. being treated is a nice change of pace.

                           ^^ i got white, she got pink. the usual. ^^ 

spending time with grandma since coming back from school tears at my heartstrings. she has been suffering with alzheimer's for the past couple of years now, but it seems in the last couple months it's been taking harder punches at her fragile mind. it's frustrating at times because repeating the same story or explanation of what you're doing to her ten times in 20 minutes isn't at all easy. at times it's hard to hide annoyance or be as gentle as you need to be with her. we are only human. she's been to the nail salon countless of times, but to her yesterday was her first. it's things like that, that are unfamiliar territory for us.

my grandma is not the same grandma i grew up with. alzheimer's is a nasty son-of-a-gun. she's still in there somewhere i know, but she only comes out in rare & short occurrences now. i've decided to not look at my grandma like she's lost or dying. she's living, she's alive, just in a different form. you've got to take the good days with as much stride as the bad days. we can't focus on what we've lost because then we loose sight of what we still have. 

i still have my grandma. she still has her caring heart. she still loves me & knows who i am. i can feel her love for me every time i'm around her. that's her special gift, i think. everyone arounds her knows how special they are, & how much she loves them. she's a real gem. one of god's best. 

^^ after pedicure sun session. mother nature don't need no filter. ^^ 

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