Wednesday, June 25, 2014

date night.

i love a good night out with a very dear friend. last night was a wonderful night filling up my tank with my friend lisa. we went to high school together, but only started getting close towards the end of senior year & then stayed in pretty close contact over the course of freshman year. she's one of those people you could sit & talk about air to & still never get sick of it. thankful for that. 

^^ hashtag lisa in the wild. ^^

^^ you can't go wrong with a good cup of fro-yo. i haven't figured out how to make it pretty yet though. ^^

we went to the movie "the grand budapest hotel." i hadn't even heard anything about it. that is my favorite way to go to the movie theater because i love being caught completely off guard by story lines. i'm not even going to try to begin & explain what happened in this one. it was a very different kind of story & movie, but it was one that kept you trying to put the pieces together until the very end. i would highly recommend it, but keep an open mind. plus, how cute is the budget theatre? three dollar movie & killer popcorn. please don't ever leave us. 

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